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It's only a little minority of idiots in the muslim community that are pulling this jihad, most of em are fine. I grew up with some perfectly normal muslims.

They were interviewing some "radical preacher" on bbc the other day, turns out he's just some guy who dropped out of uni because he was too stupid/lazy and instead of telling his parents he was too stupid/lazy he decided to become a radical instead.

You get stupid people everywhere just these few get brainwashed a bit different to most.

I think the government and police could probably do more to crack down on the radical preaching / brainwashing / cult jihad to stop them in the first place, but I don't think its easy.

In this day and age people's lives are too easy and boring, everyone is looking for an enemy to get passionate about rather than sitting around watching TV and getting fat off mcdonalds. We need an alien invasion to unite everyone, or maybe the nazis again

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