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Originally Posted by Born_In_Xixax View Post
However, I doubt this will ever fly on actual servers as people really like the 'boost' aspect of AvD - despite the fact that it 'breaks' maps. Note, historically even league AvD play in TFC never enabled friendly-fire.
I played a season or two in the Skirmish AvD TFC league, and we had armor strip on to prevent detpacking a HWGuy at full HP/AP around.

Also, the .invade-defend public servers also had armor stripping on. Sure, some players who wanted to grief did so - until an admin warned/kicked/banned them.

In my opinion (I think my post was misunderstood), as long as there is some sort of damage (be it HP, AP or both) in order to get the benefits of a friendly push, it's fine. Sure, the flagcarrier will still fly around with full HP - but without armor, it only takes some well placed shotgun shells/SG bullets/a rocket in order to stop this. Hell, even a single pipe, allowing the demo piping the CP do the '9th pipe-1st det' trick if he shots at the target while airborne with the shotgun. I think armor strip is the best solution for AvD to retain it's uniqueness and fun factor; it should be up to the server admins to take care of the griefers.

Originally Posted by Bridget
Damn fun on offense, but stopping it as defense (especially on pubs) is not going to happen unless the entire D is situated to stopping pipe-jumping flag-carriers.
A single skilled demo can actually stop two or more consecutive jumps with the right settings (meaning, armor strip on so he doesn't need 4 pipes to kill the jumper). Either way, if the offense knows how to grenadejump/demoboost teammates/sniperboost and the defense doesn't know how to stop flagcarriers, I would say it's due to team-stacking more than due to the mode being broken.
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