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Originally Posted by GenghisTron
Stuff like this is what makes AvD fun, and it's balanced as long the teams switch when the 'HQ' is captured (Like ksour, as oppossed to dustbowl).
And even when the teams don't switch, in my opinion. The main difference is that in TFC the map skybox was lower - In dustbowl, for instance, you had to time the jump very well, otherwise you would hit the ceiling ruining the jump. Even then, there was always a demo with the CP piped.

I'd say in FF is easier due to map design (higher skyboxes/big open areas in new maps) and people not being used to AvD, the latter being the greatest issue. I mean, I remember TFC games in sandbowl_r, whose CP3 is HUGE, taking a ton of time to capture even with successive jumps due to amazing defensive teamwork, which gave it the thrill that made it fun to play.

Oh yeah. The J.Pad breaks this, too (And everyone is aware of this). You had to take damage/armor damage in order to do successive jumps in TFC, now people flies across the map like it's no thing.
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