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Bt Home Hub

Ok it seems a few people with the Bt Home Hub have been having problems.

The game pauses at "sending client info", or manages to join a server but loses the connection in the first 2 minutes. This happens in all source games, not just ff.

This is a firewall problem with the home hub. You need to enable some ports for it to work. A slight issue is the default hl2 setting in the home hub is wrong, and the ports listed on valve's website are wrong!

To change the firewall settings of the Home Hub follow read this link:

The ports you need to forward are:
6881 to 6889
27000 to 27050

Hopefully this will help a few people out. People with other routers don't see to have had as much trouble, maybe 6881 to 6889 isn't normally blocked by default? dunno. Anyway, this fixed ff for me and at least 2 other people.
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