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Originally Posted by TheKing View Post
...and my primary purpose here (once it became clear that this was intentional) was to remind the community that I'm still not cheating and to defend my reputation.
You really shouldn't give a shit about what the community thinks of you. Plenty of people have accused me of cheating and have even made videos trying to prove something that isn't true. So I understand. I also understand enjoying a game despite it being garbage in some aspects.

Besides, from what I can gather, the admins on the BoneYard are a select group, well known for their toxicity. It's doubtful anyone outside that group really cares who they think cheats.

Basically, you're banned from the BoneYard and they're very unlikely to unban you. Unless you can really convince Juicey, or another admin you're going to have to look to play elsewhere. The nice thing about FF is that it's relatively easy for one person to populate a server.
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