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Originally Posted by JuiceDD View Post
Don't Insult my Intelligence, When it comes to cheating .. I know who's doing what
Well hey now, when you try to tell me that Cacalot (a korean player) is secretely Killu, because you looked up his steam ID, when in reality what you did was look up Matts steam ID, who has just so happened to alias as both of those players, I tend to doubt your investigative skills.

Now I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, with a generous stretch of the imagination, and assume Killu has moved all the way to korea, or plays on a VPN to make it look that way, all so that he can play laggy HW with a funny accent in the pub. How ever, looking up Matts ID is no way to prove that, Matt aliasing doesn't incriminate anyone else.

Or when you tell me that Rookie is secretly MafiaMan, and cheating in your pub, it raises some questions for me. Even if Rookie does cheat, which I highly doubt he does, I'm extremely curious just how you linked him up to being MafiaMan.

And then there was the time you banned me. I can't remember if you speced me or not, and I can't decide which one looks worse for you. Because either you didn't spec me, and then banned me off of a knee jerk reaction. Or you did spec me, and wrongly identified me as a cheater.

I've yet to see you provide a single ounce of credible evidence for any case of cheating.

The pub mgmt seems much more an angry mob, than a grounded group of critical thinkers. And that's just how the public facts look, sorry. Perhaps you have caught legit cheaters in the past, via some real gameplay reviews, and level headed discussions in private. But that doesn't really free you from how poorly handled your false positives are.
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