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Originally Posted by ddm999 View Post
The issue I have is that a standard conc provides 1200 horizontal speed, whereas a JPad conc provides ~1000 horizontal speed.
I'd suggest that the JPad conc limit should be somewhere between 1300 and 1400 horizontal speed (I don't think this is unreasonable given without the limits you can reach 1600),
The problem with a high jump pad + conc speed cap is that it doesn't address the following two problems:

Originally Posted by squeek on Github
  • It allows for near complete consistency in runs that would otherwise be somewhat difficult/special (for example, rampsliding the FD lip on schtop/monkey)
  • It allows medics to pull off the above mentioned runs with the same exact consistency as scouts, even where it'd otherwise be impossible (medics wouldn't be able to achieve scout-level conc speeds without a jump pad).
There might be some magic value that makes the choice between using the conc + jump pad for consistency vs. using just a conc for speed interesting/deep, but I'm skeptical (consistency is a pretty nice thing to have). We'd also have to have separate caps for medics and scouts to address the second issue.

Originally Posted by ddm999
Keep the current vertical speed though, I feel like it's better.
Vertical speed didn't change.
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