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oh, about some funny stuff:

The "radiotag" rifle's bullets are called "95.8 CAPITAL". Since the rifle has been fusioned with the sniper rifle, I don't think this is used anymore, right?

Though we could always translate it as "40 PRINCIPALES"

Also, the "40MM THINGS" for the grenade/pipe launcher, should we go for the literal "cosas", or can you think of something more funny?

I also have a doubt with the engy's "cells".

In TFC, they were translated as "clavos". Wrongly in my opinion, since you get confused with the nailgun and you end up thinking that the engy shoots nails with his railgun, which is a mess

We could say "celdas" / "cÚlulas", or go for a more liberal approach and use something like "chapas", "placas" or even "tornillos" (as he uses a wrench to build stuff).

I like chapas, but it can seem like the ones in the coke/beer bottles, which may sound weird. Tornillos is the most "liberal" one, but I think it would do the trick, since you avoid the confusion with "clavos" yet give the feeling of something countable, composed by little units, and certainly used with the spanner to build/repair stuff.

What do you think?

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