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Some things to not do:

1 - Act like Christianity/Islam/Judaism are equally bad actors in the world at the moment.

2 - Let indispensable rules of your society like free speech be compromised.

3 - Act like all cultures have advanced equally when it comes to the important issues like sexual equality, religious freedom... etc.

The Fatwah on Salman Rushdie, the Danish Cartoons incident, and the Charlie Hebdo incident all had one thing in common - when violent religious bullies threatened freedom of speech (which I think is the freedom that begets all others), most of the blame seemed to be placed on the people engaging in free expression, rather than the zealots who wanted them killed. Even the Pope and the top Rabbi of Israel blamed Salman Rushdie for writing his novel, not the Iranian Ayatollah for being a barbarian.

I feel bad for Christians because you can make endless fun of Jesus (to their credit, with no death threats), but poke fun at Islam/Mohammed and mainstream society acts like you are an evil human being.

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