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Assisted Movement, does it break AVD?

Here's a quick little discussion: Who agrees that assisted movement breaks AVD maps? There are so many movement skills in this game with the jump pad included, that I think demoman piping their team mates or detpacking them across the map is absolute nonsense. Here's a scenario for you. This happens a lot.

The map is anticitizen and the defending team has put up an amazing defense. The first level defense was amazing and any offending player got owned. The second level (the inside) was intense but the O manages to break through the little room and capture the flag. The time is dwindling, and it's neck to neck. The defense rushes out of their spawn and set up. The timer ticks down to 0 and the offensive team climbs the ladder.

It goes good for a few trade-offs. The Snipers pop off some exiting offensive players and anyone who makes it up the hill is mowed down by a sentry or heavy. The D soldiers distract enemies on the ground. It seems to be going good, until a dozen pipes come spewing out of the little bunker that houses the spawn exit ladder. Everyone tenses up on defense. Oh shit.

BAM! A Scout steps on a dozen pipes and goes sailing through the fucking air like he's superman, flying past the Snipers, hauling ass past the sentry guns and coming to land a few feet infront of the cap. Usually, he can practically walk onto the point before the defense can respond. Don't you think this is a bit unfair?

It happens in a ton of AVD maps. Palermo, for instance. Once they break the first capture point, demomen just sit outside the spawn piping players to the second capture point. Scouts can sail through the air and land smack on the capture point with some decent air strafing. It happens on the next capture point, the Scout or other class goes sailing over the concrete wall and tosses the flag at the capture point. The last one isn't so bad, but it can be exploited in the same way.

Yeah, I wrote a ton of shit, because I prefer my messages be somewhat informative or 'funny' to read. I could post' yo avd is broken fix it no demomangz plz' but that would get written off like a bad check. So, to condense this thread down for people too lazy to read my wall-o-text: Does assisted movement break AVD? What can be done about it if so?

NOTE: I haven't played since 2.4 was released. If the 'hitting people in midair' does sufficient stopping power to negate this, then tell me. If it isn't good enough, how can it be fixed? I never experienced it or tested it out.
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