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My venture into FPS began with the original Wolfenstein. Later, we setup multiplayer doom at the office. We played a lot of coop Doom.
I wonder if that makes me an old fart?

At any rate, I started playing TFC in '99. I was instantly hooked. I've played under several boring and unoriginal names: "bladerunner", "autospike", to name a few. I'll play any class, though I prefer Soldier or Engineer.

In the beginning, I played a lot on AREA51 servers. But I found my home on the Girlpower servers. They seemed to have more players my age and it was a great community. They also had 0 tolerance for idiots.

It was like going to a bar after work. People would drop in and play and talk about all kinds of things. But, they WERE playing. You couldn't just "hang out" and chitchat. Some of those players were incredible. The best sniper I've ever seen hung out there.

I manage an IT department at a University, so somewhere around 2000 I snagged a linux "test server", threw TFC on it and created "Blade's Edge" aka "Splashdamage". NOBODY played on my box, even though it was sitting on a T3.

So, I went around to other severs and found clans that looked decent but had no home server.

My offer was simple: I gave them a server to call home and play their matches on if they would help me admin it when I was not around. THey also had to absolutely be friendly and helpful to every newbie and non clan member that played on it.

I was never in a TFC clan.

While my box was up and running, I hosted two different clans. The first one fell apart pretty quickly but the second one hung around for a while (Somebody should do a research paper on what makes clans thrive or fail).

Once I got the clans on there practicing and having matches, people started playing quite a bit.

At some point, we had only Attack / Defend maps (dustbowl, avanti, etc.). Usage on the server skyrocketed. I would have to kick folks if I wanted to play on my own server. (I was still playing on girlpower a lot).

Eventually, I had to shut that box down. I kept playing online until around 2002.

I've played other games since then. But none of them have even come close to my experience with TFC.

The gameplay (classes, weapons, maps, skills, etc.) got me playing and the community kept me coming back.

I've really missed it. I hope that Fortress-Forever will be here soon.
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