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game is way slower than bf2. basically they added a bunch of delays to everthing.

press x to go prone...2 seconds later i am prone.
press jump key to stand up...2 seconds laters i am standing
press 3 to change to medkit and toss one...3 seconds later i have tossed a medkit.

no idea why they are adding realistic elements to a pure arcade game. if i want realism i would play arma 2 or something.

basically in a 1 v 1 scenario whoever spots the other person first is going to win. very hard to evade unless you are in standing position.

also i don't like the forced grinding required to get the better guns and add ons.

in bf2 atleast the basic guns everyone started with were good weapons and the unlocked guns didn't give you massive advantages.

bf3 the fucken jet doesn't even come with

also the 1990's style web server browser piss me off too.

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