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Originally Posted by SME
I certainly hope it's not required. Databases are often overkill when a list will do and SQL doesn't have the best security record. It seems like so many projects are still unreleased to the public. Everything is allegedly coming "soon."
No, its not required. Just like AMXx it comes with the package, but it is not required in order to run the program. It would be mySQL like AMXx uses. Although, for that feature that was described, it might be able to be done without using a database at all. I think the latest build of AMXx keeps a record of the last 10 disconnects or something like that for reference if someone joins and needs to be banned afterwards or something like that, but you dont want to go and look in the FTP logs and so forth.

Like I've said many times prior. SM is still in beta, but its nearing its full release. I think there were something like 10 or 11 issues leftover in the bug tracker last I heard. As soon as things are completed in SM, however, they are normally released to the public ASAP.
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