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Stopped in from time to time, and Fortress-Forever is just incredible work! I came in and after reading the stories here in this thread and through the forum, I had to join, and tell about the player that mentored me in TFC. My callsign was Leadmecca or Red Alert.

I was not a good player on 56k (more like 14) Fate took it upon himself to train me in the magical arts. Fate was a pro, taught me rocket jump, nade-rocket jumping, concing, sg set-ups, flag capping, short cutting, pipe laying, sniper positions, bh'ing, binds, alt crosshair kits, spray making, everything that made my game take off.

After this I took every new player who wanted to learn under my wing, if they wanted to learn something I would teach them. I always got sad when I had to tell them they had to leave my side and go out into that brave world on their own and help the community, to share the goodness. That was the greatest enjoyment TFC had for me. I liked scoring, I liked team gaming, but teaching someone a trick or two and watching them just explode with happiness was awesome. It always made me go back to the rapture I had when I learned those tricks. It was good to get someone into TFC and to stick with it.

When someone helps you, I think it's amazing and when you find that in a server, or in an entire community it stays with you. All the best to the developers and staff of FF.
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