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Hey guys, new to these forums, but I am nobody new to TFC. I have played TFC for about 4 years on and off so a total of probably 3 years or so. I never did get into a professional clan although I could be cut out for one. The closest I got was clan Ownage. They were going to do OGL and then go onto whatever else was beyond that but the leader got involved in some shit or something and the clan dropped.

I still play nowadays on Bay Area Buzz servers or .id dustbowl. I enjoy all sorts of maps, but mostly dustbowl/avanti/2fort/crossover. I play any class pretty well; sniper, engie, spy, pyro as my best.

I am just wondering if there are still professional leagues for TFC anymore. I never hear of them anymore especially since CS took all the TFC players away like a year after I started playing. Anyways, keep up the good work FF, I can't wait to see this game...I only wish that I could help out =P
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