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Ok sry if this has been addressed before but I just read thru this forum and am hoping someone will have an answer.

It looks like a lot of the script commands and whatnot are similar or the same as TFC, but one thing that really bothered me in TFC is that i couldn't do if commands. Can I on FF?

Essentially what i want to do is create a script that will say seperate things if my health is greater then or less then 0. Meaning if i make a toss script (bind SPACE "say_team flag toss attemped!! [%h] [%a]") is there a way i can modifiy this script to say something like "if %h > 0 then say_team Flag Tossed and if %h < 0 then say_team Flag Tossed Attempt Failed, Flag is still in %l"

Can I do that or is it the same as TFC and i just have to hope that the other people on my team know that if my health is neg. then the toss didn't happen?
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