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Originally Posted by elwood View Post
i always wanted to create an all spy team for these fun leagues. it would be interesting as to how close the matches would be most likely wouldn't win much, but it would be one hell of a good time on that team haha

defense: Run 1-2 spies at all times. with either the occasional offswitch soldier/demoman/engy depending on the flag & map situation. or hell just make him a 3rd spy.

offense: 1-2 spies at all times with a full time scout for touches and major flag movement.
I remember playing TFC with some friends, and we talked our entire team(12 total / team) into playing medics. We even waited until the last guy respawned before going out. This was on 2fort, and the result was absolutely hilarious. We ran off of the battlements together, concs flashing, and Medics flying all over the place. Then came the pubchats..... "HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THEY'RE ALL MEDICS?!" "huh?" "MEDICS!!!".
We also combined our "jump" key with "+helpme"... so every time someone would jump... "MEDIC!" "EXCUSE ME, I'M IN NEED OF MEDICAL ATTENTION!".
I only wish we had some way to record that back then(and had thought of it).

I only mention this, because 3 spies(or 2 spies and a scout) could be really fun!

If I could commit to playing at certain times.... I'd be in on that one.
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