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Originally Posted by gibz View Post
I got banned. When it happened I was just like, wtf was that?
Wow, really? You had no idea. I'm kinda stunned. Let's look into that together and see how that happened, maybe we can fix what went wrong. Here's the chat log for last December, when you're original ban occurred:

'2008-12-22 21:20:08', 'STEAM_0:0:10987754', ':e0:L@dyDe@th', 'rtv'
'2008-12-22 21:20:12', 'STEAM_0:1:819013', '-=Surge=-', 'rtv'
'2008-12-22 21:20:12', 'STEAM_0:0:20598354', 'Afterburner', 'rtv'
'2008-12-22 21:20:16', 'STEAM_0:0:946622', 'YEAHS', 'ROCK@'
'2008-12-22 21:20:38', 'STEAM_0:1:18522739', 'g00se', ':)'
'2008-12-22 21:20:43', 'STEAM_0:1:14186193', '๖ۣۜKoreyۣۜ๖', ':)'
'2008-12-22 21:22:33', 'STEAM_0:0:10987754', ':e0:L@dyDe@th', 'hey reaper'
'2008-12-22 21:22:48', 'STEAM_0:1:18522739', 'g00se', 'lag'
'2008-12-22 21:23:27', 'STEAM_0:1:819013', '-=Surge=-', 'head shot'
'2008-12-22 21:23:43', 'STEAM_0:0:3862340', '{NFO}ReaPer.', '^2 <3'
'2008-12-22 21:24:53', 'STEAM_0:1:18522739', 'g00se', 'lost sound'
'2008-12-22 21:24:56', 'STEAM_0:1:18522739', 'g00se', 'brb'
'2008-12-22 21:25:03', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'press ur speakers to turn on'
'2008-12-22 21:25:06', 'STEAM_0:1:11529279', 'Coldfire', 'fail raven'
'2008-12-22 21:25:26', 'STEAM_0:1:11529279', 'Coldfire', 'fail again raven'
'2008-12-22 21:25:38', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'no fucking cussing'
'2008-12-22 21:25:39', 'Console', ' Console', 'ot_szsay: Gibz was slayed for language.  Continued issues can result in a short or perm ban.  See the Motd for more information.'

At this point you were slayed (warning #1), you received the above 
text alert (warning #2) from the system, and this sound 
was played (warning #3):
Please keep the language and content 
clean, continued language issues can result 
in a temporary or even permanent ban.

'2008-12-22 21:25:50', 'STEAM_0:0:946622', 'YEAHS', 'watch the language, there are old people present'
'2008-12-22 21:25:50', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', ':('
'2008-12-22 21:25:55', 'STEAM_0:1:11529279', 'Coldfire', 'fauk eno raven'
'2008-12-22 21:25:59', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'and u didnt'

In the comment above, you complain that the
individual didn't get slayed for using a variation of "fuck", indicating
that you may have some clue as to that a language policy exists. 

'2008-12-22 21:25:59', 'STEAM_0:1:11529279', 'Coldfire', 'fail emp'
'2008-12-22 21:26:01', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', ':['
'2008-12-22 21:26:24', 'STEAM_0:0:946622', 'YEAHS', 'you guys need to respect your elders'
'2008-12-22 21:27:05', 'STEAM_0:1:11529279', 'Coldfire', 'fail'
'2008-12-22 21:27:10', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'f'
'2008-12-22 21:27:13', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'u'
'2008-12-22 21:27:14', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'n'
'2008-12-22 21:27:25', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'this server is fun'

Below you try a few variations of "damn", to see
if they are part of the filter and if you can get slayed again. 

'2008-12-22 21:27:41', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'dam'
'2008-12-22 21:27:43', 'STEAM_0:1:5255623', 'Kazen', 'man i hate "fail" -- its just the latest catch phrase thats driving me crazy'
[B]'2008-12-22 21:27:50', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'no i mean a damn'
'2008-12-22 21:27:50', 'STEAM_0:0:10987754', ':e0:L@dyDe@th', 'damn'
'2008-12-22 21:27:52', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'F'
'2008-12-22 21:27:54', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'i meant dam '
'2008-12-22 21:28:05', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'dammit'
'2008-12-22 21:29:01', 'STEAM_0:1:11529279', 'Coldfire', 'korey fails'
'2008-12-22 21:29:37', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'fuck'
'2008-12-22 21:29:38', 'Console', ' Console', 'ot_szsay: Gibz was slayed for language.  Continued issues can result in a short or perm ban.  See the Motd for more information.'

Now, above you would have been slayed but you
already dead (warning #4), you saw the text alert (warning #5), and
the sound was played again (warning #6) 

'2008-12-22 21:29:39', 'STEAM_0:1:11529279', 'Coldfire', 'fail raven'
'2008-12-22 21:29:48', 'STEAM_0:1:11529279', 'Coldfire', 'lol dumb gibz'
'2008-12-22 21:29:54', 'STEAM_0:1:11529279', 'Coldfire', 'he got kicked'

Here you complain that you didn't get slayed because you were already dead: 

'2008-12-22 21:29:54', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'i was already dead though'
'2008-12-22 21:30:25', 'STEAM_0:1:18997600', ':e0: stickyF!NGAZ', 'FUCK'
'2008-12-22 21:30:26', 'Console', ' Console', 'ot_szsay: :e0: stickyF!NGAZ was slayed for language.  Continued issues can result in a short or perm ban.  See the Motd for more information.'
'2008-12-22 21:30:32', 'STEAM_0:1:819013', '-=Surge=-', 'christmas!'
'2008-12-22 21:30:37', 'STEAM_0:0:946622', 'YEAHS', 'santa!'
'2008-12-22 21:30:39', 'STEAM_0:1:819013', '-=Surge=-', 'aw they got rid of that lol'
'2008-12-22 21:30:47', 'STEAM_0:1:819013', '-=Surge=-', 'you used to get slayed for that too'
'2008-12-22 21:30:56', 'STEAM_0:1:819013', '-=Surge=-', 'for saying christmas'

Here you try a few religious terms to see if you can get slayed by the system during your conversation about words that might get you slayed/banned/etc: 

'2008-12-22 21:31:07', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'christmas'
'2008-12-22 21:31:22', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'haunakah'
'2008-12-22 21:31:24', 'STEAM_0:1:819013', '-=Surge=-', 'lol one time i got slayed for it but appearenly you dont any more'
'2008-12-22 21:31:26', 'STEAM_0:1:819013', '-=Surge=-', 'its not any more'
'2008-12-22 21:31:30', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'god is real'
'2008-12-22 21:31:31', 'STEAM_0:1:819013', '-=Surge=-', 'that was last night :O'
'2008-12-22 21:31:32', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'LOL'
'2008-12-22 21:31:33', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'oh'
'2008-12-22 21:31:36', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'wait i got shot'
'2008-12-22 21:31:57', 'STEAM_0:1:5255623', 'Kazen', 'go kev'
'2008-12-22 21:31:59', 'STEAM_0:1:5255623', 'Kazen', 'lol'
'2008-12-22 21:32:07', 'STEAM_0:0:17676088', 'Gibz', 'shit'
'2008-12-22 21:32:07', 'Console', ' Console', 'ot_szsay: Gibz was banned 30 minutes for Language. (ban occurance #1)'

Is this the point where you went, "WTF???" 

'2008-12-22 21:32:29', 'STEAM_0:1:11529279', 'Coldfire', 'fail dillz'
'2008-12-22 21:32:34', 'STEAM_0:1:5255623', 'Kazen', 'go kev'
So, Gibz. You'd been in the server before this day, you'd been slayed in the past, so you knew the policy. You come into the server, get slayed, then begin a conversation about the filter and test a bunch of different terms to see if you can push the system. Then, in the process of doing that, you actually get banned for 30 minutes.

And you want the world to believe it was a "WTF was that" moment for you?

Somehow I think you're just another liar, who got banned intentionally, and didn't like the consequences of their actions. I have yet to find someone like you who intentionally publicly lies about our policies that hasn't been banned in some form of this senario.

Grow up, take your punishment like a man.

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