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Originally Posted by Scuzzy View Post
If the majority is looking to do all these things why bother trying to mold the game into a playstyle they won't even care about or follow?

b/c we want this game to appeal to as many people as is possible. I don't see it as a black and white "either this or that." Rather more of a "this, and that, and that, and that, and that,and that,and that,and that,and that,and that,and that,and that,and that,and that,and that, etc."

Originally Posted by ~kev~
I did not want to get off topic - the point is that when people speak out about something, they are usually wrong. Regardless of what it is, its wrong.
I know you weren't..I was just saying why I wasn't gonna. Not saying you were trying to.

Originally Posted by ~kev~
When someone has a differing opinion, at the very least that person deserves mutual respect. They do not deserve to be mocked, made fun of,,, just because their opinion is different then others.
I agree completely, but that doesn't mean that you're going to get it. But that's the beauty of this game...there is an option for nearly every player out there. You say you stopped playing and removed your kids and whatnot and I think that is a very sad thing, but I think that's on you. Is this game full off asshats who do stupid shit, yes. Are there places that you can go where these people are non-existent and/or properly dealt with, YES.

You say you love this game and your here defending it, but you won't play b/c there are big bad people out there. So avoid them, go to the places where they can't come. OR better yet...start another place where they can't come and make it your own. A server can be as low as like 5 bucks I saw the other day...not that hard to start one up, and there is plenty of support here. In no time you're in an environment that you can tailor fit to be exactly the kind of experience you want/like.
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