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I'm not gonna go into detail about my feelings regarding porn sprays in servers here, b/c it would be way off topic.

With me, its not "the way admins run their servers" - its the way they dont run their servers. Its as if some server ops are either afraid, or do not care enough to set down guidelines.
That is their choice as server ops to do what they want with their servers. You should consider yourself lucky that you have the option of joining server's like [o-t] who cater to your specific minority (yes, your the minority in this scenario), because, the majority of people realize they are playing on a mature game and prefer it that way. Yes, there are people out there who want structure, there are also people who want chaos, people who want OvD, tk, ff, rules, no rules, skillz only, porn sprays, cussing, t bagging, the list goes on and on. You, as a user, have to be ready to deal with all of those things, OR don't and stick to servers you like and trust.

I'm not saying you can't try to impact the whole by posting stuff like this, but at some point you kinda gotta get it that you are on the internet and you can't change the world.
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