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I started 2004 spring at the same day when we FINALLY got a fast connection to replace that sucky old modem.
I have had played Splinter Cell reasently and tought that spy would be a cool charter to practise on.
Day went by and I became good in spy role. In some day the spy's were all full and I couldn't join as that charter, I tought to try medic, but I couldnt hande it.
Then I noticed the cool glasses of HWguy and as a joke I tought to try it. I fell in love with it in the same day. From that day I have played as HWguy. By the past days as spy I now knowed who is spy, I just noticed it by how they moved, and how they tryed to get away from enemy cursors and eyes, then when my summer holiday was over I desided to take some brake from TFC, but before I noticed, I didn't have time for TFC, and I didnt play it for half years... Then by accident I noticed a link in Steam that told something about Fortress, I decided to look it and I have never regret.

That's my story. If you see [FIN]EvilSeeD anywhere It's me, or if you have seen [FIN]MasterChief that was me. I chainged my name because Halo has same name and ppl started to think that I am a halo fan :E

I once belong in to a clan but they never contacted me ever sence for clan match. I quess the clan broke or something...
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