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TFC ahhhhh the memories.....

Starting off as a total n00b back in 2000, on of my best friends DEE previously of DDT showed me the wonder that is TFC. Being a playstation convert, all I could see for the future of gaming was consoles. DEE bought himself a PC, and before long started playing TFC, he would preach to me "man you've got to see this game!" and I poo-pooed it for a while until I actually got to sit down and have a go, then, all was lost.

Within 2 weeks I had a kick ass rig and a 50 per month BT Openworld 512k ADSL connection, then that was it, totally lost to the game. In all my years as a serious gamer I had never found anything like this, counterstrike sucked because of the loooong wait for re-spawn, but this was something else.

I started playin on the Royston Vasey server, where after many many hours of play and discussions (online and in forums) I became an admin, and a very fair one i like to think.

Maps like Badlands, Dustbowl, Shutdown 2, 2fort, Monkey_l hours and hours of fun, I did 18 hours straight one day, beer, pizza and occasional breaks for the loo.

The sense of community for TFC players was unrivaled anywhere else, with IRC channels, you very soon had a wicked group of friends online @ whatever time u chose to log on.

Hopefully FF will be able to restore that feeling of fun and belonging, which in my opinion was lost when WON fell by the wayside. TFC's gameplay was second to none, thats why it was so popular for so long, what I humbly reckon you modders should do is; give it a visual overhaul, work out any problems, keep those classic maps, maybe a few added extras, but keep that gameplay just as it was, and we all love.

Peace out

Bout ,)
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