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Originally Posted by Raynian View Post
the thing is, without the possibility to increase speed via surfing, it's pretty much worthless to ever even use them except for the "surfs" that are basically just rampslides

the mid-yard one is worthless because you can just bhop instead of using the surf, which is faster anyways, and the in-base ones are stupid because you're going to moving in a straight line because you can't aircontrol on a surf without dropping speed like crazy.

I can say "well bhopping on a server that has strafe jump maps is worthless if it's got a bhop cap"

well yes of course but that's no reason to make the bhopping worthless

as it is factory just needs the ability to do more on the ramps, without being able to utilize them properly it's missing out on a lot.

also you can't ever make a "perfect" surf in source because of the way mapping works, and the surf in factory is pretty blocky to begin with.
You just lack imagination. Take the ramp in connector as an example. If you're in foyer you can conc main and at that point you have two options. You can either go in through the entrance closest to main, or conc through connector. Both routes will net you relatively the same speed, and get you to the same location. The only difference is that one route takes longer. Again you'll have to use your imagination to figure out why taking a slightly longer path would be worth it. You could sync your run with a scout that goes in main while you conc connector maybe. Or just mix it up, conc main a few runs, conc connector a run.

Without that surf ramp there, a conc from foyer would not get you all the way through connector. Because what I'm trying to say is that a surf ramp, reguardless of air acceleration, allows you to maintain your momentum. Not just speed, but also height. It's basicly an extension of your conc.

Also to say that bhopping is faster than surfing is silly. Sure a jump pad chain in yard would be MARGINALLY faster than surfing the yard ramp. But again use some imagination maybe? With the first jump pad set up before the ramp, you can surf out yard and then put your teams other jump pad somewhere else that might be usefull.

But if you think that riding the first jump pad, and then bhopping the rest of the way is faster than riding the jpad into the ramp, you're delusional, and or don't know how to surf.

Another example of surfing being usefull is in ff_toogood. If you set the first jumpad in foyer somewhere, you can is it to land on the surf ramp that leads of out the base, and put the second jump pad somewhere around mid yard. This extends the jpad train quite a bit compared to where you would land without the surf ramp, and gets you through yard and going into the base much faster.

You might not think it's much better than ramp sliding, but consider this. The fact is you will loose less speed surfing than rampsliding. Sure, you can air control while rampsliding. You can on a surf ramp as well, you just can't air strafe into the ramp, you can air strafe away from it.

This kind of stuff is the staple of the Fortress genre. Finding geometry that compliments the incredibly rich physics. To say that surfing doesn't compliment FFs stock physics is just ignorant. Perhaps surf ramps in a ctf map haven't been implemented to their fullest potential. But there's only two maps that even try.

You seriously underestimate the potential of surfing as a mechanic in stock FF. Clearly you lack imagination.

EDIT: Oh and btw you will gain speed on a straight surf ramp with air accel at 10, which seems to be the default, not 14.

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