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the thing is, without the possibility to increase speed via surfing, it's pretty much worthless to ever even use them except for the "surfs" that are basically just rampslides

the mid-yard one is worthless because you can just bhop instead of using the surf, which is faster anyways, and the in-base ones are stupid because you're going to moving in a straight line because you can't aircontrol on a surf without dropping speed like crazy.

I can say "well bhopping on a server that has strafe jump maps is worthless if it's got a bhop cap"

well yes of course but that's no reason to make the bhopping worthless

as it is factory just needs the ability to do more on the ramps, without being able to utilize them properly it's missing out on a lot.

also you can't ever make a "perfect" surf in source because of the way mapping works, and the surf in factory is pretty blocky to begin with.
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