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Originally Posted by KubeDawg View Post
Nah FDA, he is correct. Air Accelerate 100 has always worked best for surfing from TFC to CS 1.6 to CS Source to FF. The problem is incorporating it into a real map where you your movement is affected by the 100 air accelerate when you are not surfing. It just doesn't work well.

Surf maps cannot be completed in 99% of cases if set to air accelerate 10 and I dare you to try if you don't believe me. I spent a few years perfecting surf maps aalthough there no decent examples of surf maps on FF that can be tested. But, if you are interested FDA, I can probably show you the ropes as you sound like a total noob when you say air accelerate 10 is a viable option for surfing.
Have you map...

Are you even fucking listening to what I'm saying, there currently two maps out right now where you can surf. CTF maps, with stock physics.

A surf ramp is a frictionless surface.

Without friction, you won't loose speed.

The amount of air acceleration doesn't change the fact that surf ramps are a frictionless surface.

Sure you can't just drop onto the ramp and speed off like in a surf map. But if you say ride a jump pad into one, or conc into one, it will allow you to travel, without loosing speed or height, for as long as the ramp goes.

How fucking retarded are you to tell me it's not possible. When it happens on a map that gets played in pickups at least twice a day...

EDIT: Also of course you can't complete an actual surf map without the turned up air accel, because those maps are made to incorporate that. You need to do more than maintain speed in those maps, you have to actually gain speed. I never said you can do a surf map with turned down air accel.

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