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What up y'all, glad to see there is still some activity here. This is a map I was making prob in the 90% completion area (maybe a little more). It is a scout race map. The map starts similar to waterpolo with everybody on one side behind a wall, on the timer the wall drops and then its a speed race challenge, there are a few bonus points areas and a few trimp-special backpacks with a conc in them. The path branches a bit so if you get the conc you can shave a little time off the run... I was planning to make a few more areas and an endzone that either calculated the top 5 or so players and reset the round however that is not done in the .lua..... I think it's kind of a puuurdy map but if you're interested, check it out. If someone feels like taking it over I will send you the .vmf's.
Much love, MOFO
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