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I'm not in any way implying skill maps don't take skill.

I was referring mainly to quad jumping. And specifically the layout of the maps, so I guess it can apply to a lot of conc maps as well. I just think it's really boring just to watch some one juggle up and down over and over again.

I also just don't get quad jumping. I mean for all intesive purposes I have to assume it's nothing more than an afterthought to concmaps. It's basicly just upping the knock back so that you can complete already established conc maps, but with rockets. Especially when there's so much you can already do with stock.

That's why I like the types of jumps I posted, besides health they're much closer to what's possible in the game at it's base level. And I'd even go as far to say that the rocket jumping is very practical. I mean at 7:50 in that second video there's a jump that's taken out of normal gameplay. And hell, in FF you can do rocket jumps that do peanuts for damage with great results.
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