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Originally Posted by CHURCHMOUTH View Post
the reason genghis tron and bridget were banned from ff pickup channel is because its plain to see that they have no interest in playing in pickups however they want to troll our channel as they troll this forum. I have the power to stop them from being in our channel and i did. IMO the ff forums need to give you both a 6 month ban so you can stop the nonsense in these forums. (bad mouthing FF. bad mouthing players like myself for no reason)
That's not the reason. If you actually cared for only having people in that channel who wanted to play pickups, then you would be left with like five players. You just get mad 'cause people have a different opinion than you. You and your goon friends kill the community, routinely try to troll our servers and others, then get trolled back and get all mad-sad about it.

When I had the Talos Beginner Community going, a few decent pickup players were occasionally allowed to join us. Oh, but then things got out of hand. Suddenly, everyone had the password to our private server. Pickup faggots galore. All they did was talk shit and discourage the public players (whom we had no problem convincing to play competitive and organized FF contrary to this perception of the public community by both pickup fags and sad to say it, the developers) from ever playing in that format again. Really, cry some more. You guys are the epitome of cowards: talk shit one minute but curl into the fetal position the next.

Yeah, you would love for both of us to get banned because we actually notice the cancer that is killing Fortress Forever and want to get rid of it. How convenience for you, the cancer, if we were to get banned. :>

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