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Important Info

1) Just because you've done a translation does not guarantee that we can get it into the next patch. If it's been 3 months since you've done your translation, we've just been really busy.

2) We would really rather not rely on just one person to translate a language. For all we know, you could have renamed the Scout "Horse Fucker" in Korean. Generally we won't approve a translation for use until we've had a few people look it over.

3) If you see a mistake in someone else's translation, post a correction or your own interpretation here. The more details, the better.

4) As always, please follow the forum rules.

5) Keep in mind that some languages (like Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Russian, etc.) have special characters that just flat-out don't exist in the Fortress Forever font. (Yes, we made our own font!) we'd have to figure out how to work around this, so it would be easier for us to get Polish done (since it uses so many English characters) compared to Russian. We're not biased against your particular language, we just have to figure out some font stuff before we can implement it.

6) The stuff in this text file covers the on-screen messages in-game, but it doesn't cover stuff like textures. For instance, you won't see translated signs like FLAG ROOM even if you have another language enabled. This would involve a good bit of coding and we'd have to make new textures for all that stuff. We'll probably get around to that in the future, but it won't be happening anytime soon. Sorry!

7) Translating FortressForever_english.txt is one of many steps involved in supporting additional languages for Fortress Forever. We'd still have some coding work to do to get it to work properly, so please keep that in mind!
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