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Originally Posted by Fruitcake View Post
Looks interesting, I'll be curious to see the flagroom scale for SG coverage and whether you can outrange SGs. Also whether you can keep any decent speed coming in "main". Is the flagstand solid? That stand is great for downconc sliding. Hope to try it out when I get to a PC this weekend. Glad to see people still putting out maps for this game. If you ever want someone to check out your map alphas hit me up.
From the concs I've tested, there isn't a great way to keep speed coming in through main, spoon was playing on it earlier and said it was a very hard map for O. The flagstand is not solid.

You can outrange SG's decently well, generally only from the main entrance and the back corners of the room.

Something else that people have seemed to be confused about so far is the grate container type thing between ramp room and main. You can shoot hitscan weapons through it but not rockets or nails. I'll probably change that at some point.

I'm also not sold on the flagroom, I don't know if I like it too much but we'll see how it plays first.

I'm always willing to learn.
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