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Hi guys.
As an original Team Fortress fanatic i have taken it upon myself to convert some of the better ctf maps from qtf to ff.

The process of conversion is simple enough:
  1. Decompile bsp to map,
  2. open map in hammer 3.4 save as rmf
  3. open rmf in hammer 3.5 save as vmf
  4. fix doors, spawns, flags, cap points, triggers, ladders, sky, water and replace missing brushes.
  5. retexture with ff textures or import and pak quake textures.
  6. add cubemaps
  7. scale up by 1.3
  8. compile buildcubemaps paktextures and run

So heres my take on the classic map shoop:

Basically the idea of the map is to "shoop" around using the push triggers, theres one in the respawn that will send you across the map and another just inside the base to the left.

Textures aren't final, and models / signage will be added in next release.
I also took it upon myself to modify some brushes that slow down the flow of the game, eg there were walls which would get in the way of down trimps etc.

Links to current release:

Thats all for now.

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