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Originally Posted by Iggy View Post
If you knew half of the things being done by Christians and Jews around the world these days.... you'd pull #1 from that list.

The sad thing is, one loud group gets a lot of bad press because of an agenda.... meanwhile, those controlling the agenda(or rather, a sub-group of the same belief structure) are commit acts just as vile, heinous and evil.

I'm under no delusions that religious fanatics of all of the "big three" exist, and are committing acts of evil on a daily basis. We only happen to hear about one group, because to give any acknowledgement to the others invalidates the belief that those groups are all "good".
Links to news sites on current incidents supporting your first point? The MSM seems loathe to make the association between Islam and bad incidents until it's absolutely certain the claim can be supported. Surely there is less reluctance from the press for events that involve Christians and Jews?
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