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This was not intended to be a carbon copy. It is why things were different.

1 - raised due to ff players. They are not the greatest concers. Didn't want a rage quit on j1.

2 - Stairs smaller. More controlled 2 conc. Felt like it was the better choice.

4 - dont forget the secret too and spectator room.

6 had to be changed for hh reasons due to ff hh being way to strong. It is why it is longer and more precise.

7, once again FF physics air strafing is much more slower due to air acceleration in FF.

9 This jump was changed to match the map I added the end bit. To make it so it was not a just a drop conc. It was a precise drop conc.

10 Made it harder last jumps are suppose to be hard.

Don't tell me closer attention to detail when there was hardly any detail to begin with. I also had countless compiles to get the jumps to feel the way they are for FF. I knew certain elements in FF are not the same as TFC.

Also if you didn't notice the strafe on j3 is alot easier too. It should be tighter. All these points you pointed out I looked at.
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