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Originally Posted by Raynian View Post
Greg, I wouldn't say that any one thing is "stronger" than in TFC. Quite the opposite - the AC isn't as good. A heavy v. heavy fight in TFC would be over in two seconds, tops. Rockets have less push. Just about everything in FF is weaker, damage wise.

In TFC, I find it hard to land a solid shotgun hit on someone that's bouncing around. I can't explain why, but the difficulty is there. When I do slug them, though, that person feels it. Projectiles are even harder. Rockets are slower, but when it connects, it hurts a ton and knocks the enemy into the air for a +shotty combo.

Compare it to FF. Everything's faster, sure. Shotties and rockets fire faster, projectiles are quicker. You fire off more rounds, so you hit a lot. But nothing has the stopping force that it did in TFC. It takes three people in FF to have the same DPS as two people in TFC. You need more defenders.

And by the time blue team gets enough defense to hold off any red offense coming their way, they won't have enough attackers to make a dent in red's base. So the would-be attackers then go D. And red's offense gives up too. DvD.
Is it as simple as the fact that "red is defense", then? I don't see a way to fix that.
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