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On DvD: people like to kill things. It's satisfying, it feels good to beat someone and see your score go up and your name on the left side of the kill-spam. Offense is less about killing and more about evasion, and being the guy that tosses the flag through the lasers, though more important than a kill, doesn't really feel much different than dying on a basic level (which sucks).

I don't know if this can be fixed in CTF, in a non-competitive context. You could turn on team damage but that's an invitation for abuse on public servers. This same problem existed in TFC, and what's interesting to me, is that it seems to be more intense in FF than it was in TFC.

I think the more interesting question is: why is this more a problem in FF pubs than it was in TFC pubs? Is the movement aspect of offense not as compelling? Is FF movement weaker, slower? Are defensive classes overbalanced? Coming from someone who played primarily Soldier in all his years of competitive TFC, FF Soldier feels incredibly good - maybe too good. AC feels like it kills faster in FF. Demo feels about the same, like a niche class. SG's seem to respond faster and more consistently.

Maybe Scouts and Medics just need to be faster or hit harder. I can't speak for the Spy, as it was niche as hell in TFC and haven't experienced it much in FF. Ditto for Pyro.

One thing I think FF doesn't need is a Medic that primarily supports. It will slow the game down hugely, which is what distinguishes FF from its big brother. Medic has always been the bread-and-butter offensive class to match the bread-and-butter defensive class: Soldier. High mobility, moderate durability, and high damage potential.

Maybe the change to grenades - fewer and smaller radius, hurt offense more than defense.

Just throwing shit out there, seeing if anything sticks.
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