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Originally Posted by MonoXideAtWork View Post
I firmly believe that this game has been designed and implemented the best way it could have been, considering the player base that it caters to.

These threads are a wash, it's the same old players with their same old personal issues with the game. Nothing will happen here, other than getting carpal tunnel from typing these long-winded unqualified diatribes on game theory.

If you have a problem with this game, do what everyone else does. Play another game that you have more fun with for a while. When you come back to FF, you can appreciate it for what it is, not what you wish it was.

Honestly the only reason this game has such a limited player base is because it's not called TF2 and not marketed in over steam in the same way. Can anyone name another steam game that has significantly better without a corporate advertising superpower behind it?
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