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Originally Posted by WiFiDi View Post
im not asking for an editor but rather just menu where i can delete and watch replays. as well as an option to record matches. (just like in the above games i mentioned.) on top of that demos should already be compatible with source filmmaker (which takes the editor needs out of the equation.) and that would be sweet. source filmmaker is released which is an editor that you don't have to make (a plus.) looks like a good editor as well. if someone wants to take a simpler root they can just take footage as is with fraps.

i want a simple way to make and watch replays and record them with fraps.
If that's the case you can just currently record demos with fraps. Maybe a simple gui for playing back demos would be nice, but currently it's not that complicated. It's just /record demoname /playdemo demoname.

As is SFM does not currently support demos. They will be in the future. Also SFM is not going to make it any simpler. It will be just as easy to use the in game commands, then to say port your demos to SFM and use that. Also SFM will probly never support older source games like this without people modding SFM. So it'll probly take a FF community member with some know-how to mod SFM.
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