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Originally Posted by FDA_Approved View Post
Tf2 replays are kind of a joke. In tf2 you can do just about everything better with demos and console commands than you can with replays. But yes, replays are very easy and accessible.

I think a full fledged editor system like replays has would be WAY to much work for little reward.
im not asking for an editor but rather just menu where i can delete and watch replays. as well as an option to record matches. (just like in the above games i mentioned.) on top of that demos should already be compatible with source filmmaker (which takes the editor needs out of the equation.) and that would be sweet. source filmmaker is released which is an editor that you don't have to make (a plus.) looks like a good editor as well. if someone wants to take a simpler root they can just take footage as is with fraps.

i want a simple way to make and watch replays and record them with fraps.
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