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Extra Commands To Hide Certain HUD Features:

cl_drawhud 0
Removes chat, health and ammo information, and death notices (top-right). Weapon stays. (Default: 1)

hud_saytext_time 0
Removes only chat. (Default: 12)

hud_deathnotice_time 0
Removes only death notices (top-right). (Default: 6)

r_drawviewmodel 0
Removes only view-model of your weapon. (Default: 1)

r_drawvgui 0
This is just like cl_drawhud 0, except it removes the white text you may find while on multiplayer games (headshot, monster kill, etc.). BE SURE YOU HAVE A BIND WHICH SETS THE VALUE BACK TO 1, or else you will not be able to go back to your console or the menu. (Default: 1)
Oh, man... More armor for the win, yeah?
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