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Originally Posted by Iggy View Post
If you knew half of the things being done by Christians and Jews around the world these days.... you'd pull #1 from that list.

The sad thing is, one loud group gets a lot of bad press because of an agenda.... meanwhile, those controlling the agenda(or rather, a sub-group of the same belief structure) are commit acts just as vile, heinous and evil.

I'm under no delusions that religious fanatics of all of the "big three" exist, and are committing acts of evil on a daily basis. We only happen to hear about one group, because to give any acknowledgement to the others invalidates the belief that those groups are all "good".
I'm not trying to argue in absolute terms that there aren't theocratic Christians/Jews committing offenses in certain parts of the world. No matter how many centuries of enlightenment philosophy they absorb, all religions are going to have their share of literalists and people who focus on the nasty elements of their texts... however, you will need some very convincing evidence if you are trying to argue that all religions are roughly equally guilty on the whole at this point in time.

Consider this article from the Onion:

Shows like South Park can show Jesus gunning people down with an M16 or searching for porn in front of kids, and to my knowledge, receive no death threats (or if they do, it is 1 or 2 crazy lunatics). Anyone who has been keeping up with the news knows that if Mohammed had appeared in that comic, or even if someone just drew an Arabic man in typical mid-eastern dress doing nothing offensive at all, and labelled him as Mohammed, there would be death threats, political repercussions, and lots of so-called Liberals throwing around charges of Islamophobic racism (against the "race" of Islam). Obviously my argument is not limited to the way in which different religions respond to cartoons, but it is a great place to start. Anders Brevik is proof that not all terrorists are Muslim, but if you had a reliable way of tallying up all terroristic offenses and categorizing them by motivation, I am certain that Islam would be disproportionately guilty.

EDIT - Just to briefly touch on your mention of the news media and their bias towards a certain narrative... correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel that the dominant narrative is that of the nasty 1st world white person abusing non-European cultures. If anything, I'd argue that there is more a yearning in our part of the world for stories of white Christians or Jews mistreating visible minorities. Your president won't even call Islamic terrorism by its name.

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