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Originally Posted by Innoc View Post
I absolutely love Fallout 4. Stalker Call of Pripyat also gets replay from me after all of these years. Love the post apocalypse genre. Plus I can play for 10 minutes and go back to what I was doing previously.
Sweet, I dig the post apocalyptic genre too. I once spent several months playing Fallout 3, and by playing, I mean adding a lot of mods and hoping I didn't break the game, haha. Making different mods compatible with eachother became kind of an obsession for me. I intend to give Fallout 4 a go eventually for sure. As for Stalker, that series has been on my list for some years. But I got the feeling it is going to be one of those games that I play for a long time, so I am saving it for the right occasion. There's a lot of good stuff out there.

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