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The only one I could recommend that would most likely work, also works in all Source games as well as other games, because I used to use it in DoD:S and CS:S to annoy foreign people.

So I'm not sharing it. , because it probably works in FF aswell, and I don't want to be giving any potential hackers the tools to hack.

What I usually do for singleplayer games, is just download a Trainer, which is a program that you run before and throughout playing the game that allows you through pressing certain keys to modify the game, typical settings would be to add currency or to enable god mode. But if other people are having the same problem as you, then there may be a trainer out there for Gothic 2 that increases running speed or allows you to teleport to different locations.

Google around for trainers that could help, or see if you can find other people with your problem talking about it on gaming forums, because I often find that's a good place to look for solutions, it could even be some simple code to edit within the game directory.
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