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Originally Posted by KubeDawg
There are many fish in the sea.

Originally Posted by KubeDawg
generally more popular:
:e0: Server, PwnPalace, FF, /order/, and {FYC}.
Yep you just named all the US/North American Servers that people tend to play on from time to time. I wouldn't call that a "sea" of servers by any means loLz. I would call that a select few to be honest. Plus, typically there are only 1 of those servers that you named that is being populated at a single time. Maybe a second server with 3-4 people if you're lucky.

That is why i would also like any o-t admin look into my case if they had the time because i do think there is a mistake. If i was banned for good reason then so be it, but i remember playing on that server with no problems. Come back home and i'm perm banned. Like you said though, kube, there are other servers to play on just really not that many to choose from.

However, the main point of this thread is yes, there it is there server/community and they can do whatever they want. BUT, all those bans from lingering from TFC (another game) in 2005 could be hurting the FF player base. WheelOfTime/Cheese made a valid point that could definitely be discussed within your gaming community. That list is a bit crazy... 56 pages, roughly 2,500 bans, and it could have been a permanent ban due to something little, ie:

7/25/08 7:03 pm bullfrog STEAM_0:0:11903646 "camping"

7/02/08 11:42 pm Horse-face Space-dog STEAM_0:0:16594182 Insulting the clan
7/02/08 10:18 pm Connor MacManus STEAM_0:0:19422739 Calling admins pathetic

I know in their TFC servers, o-t admins would ban players on sight if a person was caught bunnyhopping. There are quite a few bans regarding that to skilled TFC players that would be very good for this game in FF because they were involved with the TFC community for 6-8+ years straight.

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