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Yeah that's the thing about juicy. He thinks he's an ace class detective from some erotic novel he read when he was twelve, but he really just reads stuff out of his alphabet soup, and takes it for fact.

I've seen him try to piece together aliases in such a crude fashion before. He's tried to tell us that some korean player is really some american player, because some other american player has aliased as both those other players on multiple occasions.

Just the other day he was accusing prime of being hadez, and good lord who'd ever think prime's play was on that level.

I've personally been banned from that server while playing on a new account. It took me a couple minutes into sunnyramps before juice started to ask me where my cheats came from and told me I "never miss a shot". As it's obvious to most people, I wasn't cheating. And juice never made any attempt to review my plays, spec me, look at my IP, or link me to cheating in any way.

I was simply a name he'd never seen, and knew how to play fortress. And that's boneyard in a nutshell. If they don't know you, but you know fortress, you're banned.
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