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I've been playing the fuckshit out of Overwatch, and it markedly improves as soon as you have a team who can play together.

It does feel very much like TF2, but more chaotic. You have hard counters and soft counters for every class, so you have to know when to disengage, something that TF'ers of our era don't immediately respond to. The long respawn timers force you to evaluate your encounters, because three deaths equals a minute wasted, between the 10 sec spawn and the long ass travel time to the front.

There are some classes that need balancing, Mei being one and McCree the other, but if you have a good team with a well thought out composition, you can hard stop most of anything. You can counter a Mei with a Hanzo or Widowmaker, you can counter a McCree with a Mei or Gengi, you can counter both of those with a Reaper, Reaper drops in no time to a Tracer. You get the picture.

Also, the matchmaking could use some love. There is little worse than being fresh to the game and being pitted against guys playing it since day 1 + closed beta. You get smoked; you don't have time to learn the choke points, much less how best to utilize your abilities against each hero.

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