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Ok, well this post is going down the drain as I thought.

Admins please read my first post and get a refresh on what an ideal admin should be and keep note of all the problem issues I am seeing.

The solution I found which was the same solution that alex touched on was ignoring people, I think this is the strongest solution.

At this point I have basically just ignored all the people I don't enjoy in the pickup channel . While maybe it's not the best or most mature solution, It's old always arguing and clashing with the same people and issues without positive progress or productivity. Through this I feel I am doing everyone a favor.

I also would like to have the mute button save the players you mute in game as well, but it's not a big deal just muting them every pickup.

The distasteful humor, immaturity, elitism, cliques, and bad attitudes might cease more if you ignore and don't play into it. I recommend anyone who has a problem do the same. Save the public and community from your petty arguments and disputes. If you have people who you just don't get along with on a daily basis without change, don't make it everyone else's problem, ignore. Maybe the people who are the issues will get put on enough ignore lists to get the point.

This post's main objective was to bring to light all the BS i am seeing in our pickup channel. Through awareness of all the badminning and player bs I brought to attention, hopefully people will call those admins and players out and they will start to lose respect in the community (if they haven't already) and Largos Neon 2013 will take care of rest.


Thank you

PS. Chef and Vinny put each other on ignore and do the community a favor.

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