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I think what makes the pickup community not work is "this." What's happening right now in this thread. Bottle it, put a label on it, call it "drama" or whatever. The presence of it is unappealing. It's the same feeling as being in a room of bratty little kids; you just wanna get out. And no it's not just chef. Make this not happen.

All of the following things prevent "this" from happening:

-the 70% of you that can't play with someone who's being ineffective either stop crying and help them or get good enough to carry

-learn to take criticism. Those of you who like to criticize learn to take criticism. Those of you who like to criticize also learn to take criticism of your criticism; this is where it goes from a dick wagging contest to an actual constructive debate.

-stop trolling

-stop getting trolled

-stop drawing out conflicts to ridiculous lengths/5 pages of IRC text/10 page threads

Everyone has to give a little. I've already ranted about competitive players and giving a little. All competitive gaming communities are toxic just like this one, many even more so. The only difference is you have multibillion dollar corporations and sponsors letting the marketing machine loose on their games. Remember when Vanilla Ice had the fastest selling #1 hiphop album of all time? That's the kind of power we're talking about here. This keeps the community alive to the point where the money outweighs the negative impact of the community, and competitive players can be used in a way that actually contributes something back, in the form of the pro scene. FF has nothing but the community. The only thing that can do anything (ie draw players) is the community; so the same people raging/crying/whatever are the same people expected to draw players to the community. We have no "FREE HAT WEEKENMD!1" as big popup whenever you log into steam or social networking proliferation or cutouts and Wal-mart and Best Buy or weird viral yet mildly entertaining polygon sketch comedy.

The root of the problem is this: A community project requires community sustainment, and competitive communities are inherently toxic. So you basically either need some way to nullify the toxicity (i.e. what we've been trying to do since 2007) or find something else that can sustain the game and bring in players that is powerful enough to negate the toxicity.

I'm honestly out of ideas. Anyone got a few million they can spare?
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