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chef: all you do is post part of a convo in your benefit. You fail to realize that leadmine had just ruined a pickup completely wasting 7 other players times. At that time he was playing like once a week so for him to come in once a week and ruin that one pickup he plays in warranted in a ban. I will fully agree that I take trolling way too far with leadmine but it is only for a good reason because it is LEADMINE, the kid just can't stop. Leadmine reminds me of someone, oh yea bro

Chef the bottom line is that you honestly don't belong here. Go find a new game to play because small community based games like FF doesn't suit you that well Just move on bro because clearly you cannot just stop with the "insert troll/dick comment here following with a ROFLOZLORLFORLFOL BAN ME I DONT give a fuck."

Truly, no one wants to be around you.
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