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chef is right... so many stupid no reason bans because admins dont like some players. Alextric our headmin doesnt like me and ruins pickups because of it.

alextric pretending to be alextheman (or maybe is alextheman?) and ruin a pickup/piss of players during the pickup. Gets mad at me when i tell him not to do that shit i probably called him a fag or something but as a headmin he just shouldnt do that shit.

alextric being captain and actually ruins the teams because he doesnt want to play with me, making blue team stacked. So i wont even bother trying to play normal. And you wonder why i sometimes dont try...
not saying i dont troll or am a dick at times but stuff like i just said make me do that stuff.

like i just said im not saying i dont do it myself sometimes or any other admin / voice / player but this is our headmin.

and yes chef, bans/unbans because you are friends with an admin is what pissed me off too. Drakonal even quit FF for it, because HIS bans got removed only because the person banned is friends with the admin/headmin

as for restructuring the channel

remove some admins / change head / admins
voice shouldnt be starting pickups seeing the dont have any control over them.
make good rules and make them available for everyone to see.
and as admin actually stick to those rules

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