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Originally Posted by LeadMine View Post
I WILL rephrase i have never been banned for cheating in ff nor do i cheat you know this everyone you kept posting is a play on words or in your case inconclusive irc logs that have nothing to even do with anything lol im done making my statement to you... you obviously have more say in anything then most because your the wrench behind the game.. the maker of ff... and you go around trying to form this bandwagon as so. so unless you can make a pretty little video like you did for titan when he was actually caught i will ask you to refrain from posting your useless off topic logs.

He's not trying to form a bandwagon. The bandwagon was invented the day Squeek become lead Dev. It's not hard to be apart of, you just don't speak, and enjoy the game. Those 2 things alone will satisfy Squeek, I'm sure. I have many discussions with squeek, which turn into debates, and then some. But never have I had anything personal against him. It's really hard to not like squeek.

Leadmine, I wouldn't mind you back, but you gotta let go of this "innocense" phase. You were fine when you apologized. Once squeek brought this "conspiracy" up, you blew up instantly back into the old leadmine mode, when instead, you could of been like, "Yes, I'm willing to let go of that past. I just want to enjoy the game again. I'm sorry."

Squeek is a reasonable person by all accounts. You convince him enough, and he always considers. That's why he's such a great inspiration to the FF community. I don't think I'd be playing FF without him around. There wouldn't be a point, because the game would become static without the multiple changes he continued to implement, and still is!

If you want to play again Leadmine, then you'll take this into consideration, and quit the justification parade. The FF Bandwagon is wayyy cooler.

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